Aubade, Lingerie De Femme

Aubade French Lingerie

Wearing Aubade is equivalent to wearing top-of-the-range, elegant and refined lingerie, enhancing the body for your own pleasure and that of your loved one. The Aubade woman is at ease with her body, asserts her sensuality, and plays on her natural femininity. She is romantic, provocative, delicate, naughty, gentle, discreet, audacious, and elegant as well as knowing… She is the mistress of her seductive power, wanting to play with and share it with her man, a willing victim to this game full of humour and seduction. Welcome to the Aubade world, that of the French Art of loving, where men and women rival each other in seduction, humour and complicity.

Aubade is the brand of sophistication and seduction.
Uniquely French. Uniquely Aubade.

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